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  • We are an experienced team of professionals that stands at the forefront of all emerging trends in digital marketing. Understanding that every business has a different set of challenges and unique requirements, we deliver custom Internet Marketing Solutions that meet their specific needs.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

  • We are an experienced team of professionals that stands at the forefront of all emerging trends in digital marketing. Understanding that every business has a different set of challenges and unique requirements, we deliver custom Internet Marketing Solutions that meet their specific needs.


    We have a dedicated team who work on understanding the digital trend and frame the communication plan accordingly to get maximum engagements.

    Digital Marketing :


    Thousands of digital searches are carried out by prospects every second. With our SEO Services, our target is to make your website a primary destination for your target audience thereby getting you a share of those digital searches.


    We help you take advantage of the right Social Media Channels that have the potential to drive best returns for your business. Our Social Media Marketing Services integrate Social Media and Organic Search to fetch better results for both overall.


    Whether you are interested in a proactive approach to Online Reputation Management or are looking to repair your negative online reputation of your business, we can help you build & improve upon your online reputation.

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    Digital Marketing

    We help brands optimize their online presence & performance.

    The entire world of digital marketing is going through a revolution today. We witness a global change today in the way people interact with brands, find & explore products & services, are influenced by people or in-turn influence other people. Technology & Innovation is constantly changing the face of the market, its products & services as well as the behaviors of individuals. And we can feel assured that tomorrow will certainly be different! To keep up, your challenges are phenomenal! What changes to embrace and which ones to ignore, how to sell, how to spend, how to create value for your organization & for your customers etc… are just a few examples! We can help you navigate through all of it! Codepater is one of the leading digital marketing agencies based in India. We can help you in finding your target audience, measure the interest in your products & services, and finally benefit from all that. We can assist you in attracting new prospects to your website by optimizing your website

    We have enough potential to rank your website on #1st page of Google throgh our innovative digital marketing services. The digital marketing team at codepater is highly skilled.

    We highly back on content marketing for our rewarding SEO services to attract visitors to your website through SEO marketing results that were placed with your website information closely related to search query made by users. We enforce the latest Google best practices for SEO ranking with infusion of a user friendly website flow, credible and engaging content, and backlinks from relative websites and blogs recommending your site links or mentioning it in defined ways.

    We not only make endeavor to increase your website traffic or gain a top page ranking, but we also optimize your business to gain higher visibility on the web. Our SEO experts use the best search engine optimization strategy to make your marketing campaigns work over the web. We help you get reviews and feedback from your customers about your products. This assists you to accomplish their exact expectations and make a good product strategy.

    PPC Campaign Management

    We can help you setup & fine tune your PPC campaigns thereby making them most profitable for you.

    Display Advertising Campaigns

    Display Advertising mostly suits brand & product awareness requirements but is really good at it.

    Content Writing Services

    We know your products/services are awesome and we’ll make sure that your target prospects get the message.

    Lead Gen Campaign

    Lead generation campaign management for both B2B & B2C. Ideal for organizations, where sales start with capture, nurturing & management of leads.

    Link Building

    Since Google considers high quality links as one of the most important factors in Search Rankings, we make sure that your site never runs out of good quality backlinks.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Getting quality & targeted traffic to the website is difficult & time consuming so it is very important that the traffic is best utilized by taking care of website conversion rates.

    Local Business Listing

    Give your business a chance to grow locally by using online business listing services of various website like Google+ Local.

    Blog Creation

    We help your create an interesting blog section on your website which would be a robust content marketing tool for you.

    Our Target

    Better SEO. Hiked Up Traffic. More Conversion. More Leads.

    With detailed strategies in our head and your business growth in our vision, we strive only to provide better. Better search rankings, more traffic and higher rates of conversion. Here’s what you can expect with Zone One Digital’s crafty SEO campaign carefully personalized for your business:

    more visiblity

    More visibility

    Do you know that the top search result on Google gets double the visibility as the second result? This visibility matters greatly for your business’ reputation because people trust what they are exposed to.


    More Leads

    If your SEO is strong, search engines will drive so much organic traffic your way that you will not feel the need to invest in paid ad campaigns. We help you create content that search engine algorithms view as ‘positive SEO’.


    Let's Find Out! Click the button below & we shall get back to you with a Detailed SEO Audit of your Website.

    Call us on +91 7057055855

    Digital Marketing Process

    To get started, we work very closely with you in order to define a digital marketing strategy to suit your business requirements. Together we'll collaborate on your project to define your project goals, establish a strategy & timeframe and finally determine the KPIs or key performance indicators. Thereafter, we'll prepare regular reports & updates during the implementation cycle and so that you can keep track on the project progress. We are comprehensive & thorough in the sense that, we not just bring relevant traffic to you, but we also help in making the most of that website traffic. Our Team of specialists are experienced in a gamut of digital marketing skills which can help your businesses increase online traffic & achieve business objectives.

    We implement digital marketing campaigns with established, mature & proven strategies thereby ensuring your website gains online visibility enough to meet business objectives. We approach Digital Marketing a little differently. Though we may use techniques like PPC at get started with research since it provide faster results, but our ultimate objective is to ensure long term gained via organic success and other inbound marketing techniques. Our overall objective is to quickly finalize a combination of digital marketing techniques & build a robust digital marketing strategy which works exclusively for your online business & provides best results.

    Develop A Strategy For Succeeding Online

    As a successful marketing agency, we know that the first step to a strong ROI is an online marketing strategy. Our senior marketing strategists build a thorough understanding of your business by immersing themselves in your brand, industry, and competitive landscape. This research is used to outline a clear set of guidelines and recommendations for digital growth.

    Drive High Quality Traffic

    After outlining a strategy, our expert marketing team begins driving inbound traffic to your company's website through various marketing channels. By targeting users that have searched for a service you offer, we can drive traffic that will be more likely to engage with your website, take a desired action, become customers, and ultimately boost your ROI.

    Increase Conversions & Customer Retention

    Potential customers will arrive to a user-friendly website that encourages engagement. Our customized website design and conversion rate optimization services are backed by marketing sciences and unique user behavior analytics focused on generating conversions. In situations where the user doesn’t convert or you want to bring customers back for another purchase, we utilize specific tactics aimed at returning visitors back to your site with remarketing techniques and continual engagement.